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Our three primary solutions categories.

Data-Driven Content Creation

Using data to craft narrative and storytelling into the ultimate forms of communication.

Big Data

Empowering businesses with the latest technology for data pipelines and data engineering.

Advanced Analytics

Increasing revenue or reducing cost through use of predictive modeling and data analysis.

Core Competencies

Trainings, Recordings, Presentations, and Resources on each of our core competencies.

R Programming and SparkR

Scientific Computing

Teaching Fundamentals

Git, Linux, Console, Computer Science

Python for Data

Data Engineering

Dynamic Content Creation

Web APIs and data content

Spark & Hadoop

Big Data

AWS Proof of Concepts

Cloud Migration

Training Materials

Notes, recordings, and resources from previous lectures.

R training

  • R Compared to other analytical tools
  • Loading and Exploring Stock Options Data in R
  • Blending and Meshing Data in R
  • Visualizing Stock Options Data in R
  • Interactive Visualization and Dashboarding with R Shiny
  • R Libraries and Machine Learning
  • Fundamentals Training

  • Using Git on your projects
  • Python Training

  • Connecting to APIs
  • Scraping Websites for Data
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Pull Stock and Options Data Using Python from Interactive Brokers IbPy
  • A First Look at Python Flask for Data Science

  • Python Flask and Web Frameworks for Data Scientists
  • How to deploy Flask to Heroku

    AWS training

  • Query EMR Hive from Local Rstudio
  • More Coming Soon!
  • Spark & SparkR

  • More Coming Soon!
  • Analytics in Marketing

  • Analytics in Marketing - Resources for marketing professionals who want to make data driven decisions.
  • Reports

  • Survey Results: Data Science Opportunities in Utah (Apr 2016)
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