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Front Analytics, the firm that
knows data science.

Front Analytics, the agency that
knows data science.

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Case Study

Fortune 500
Sales Agent Accountability

Drastically improved agent accountability and management opportunity through call center data analysis.

Case Study

Data, data everywhere, and not a drop to drink.

Highlight our ability to leverage various data sources to provide meaningful business insights.

Case Study

Reporting Dashboard Development

Utilizing R and Shiny we were able to create a live dashboard for our client for on the spot reports.

What Front analytics has to offer

Primary Services

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Data Science

From our own in house products to serving Fortune 500 companies, we have the in house expertise to execute on all levels of data science projects. From data engineering to machine learning we can do it all.

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Marketing Insights

No matter what type of marketing you are doing, knowing what is effective and what isn't is crucial to success. At Front we help provide the insights as to what is working and what isn't to increase ROI.

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Study Groups

Study Groups/Training

Being at the forefront of a rapidly growing industry, we love giving back to the community. We offer all levels of training from weekly study groups to corporate events as well as internship opportunities.

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 Data Science and advanced analytics can impact a company's success trajectory in profound ways. These case studies highlight some of our clients' most successful projects and how they leveraged Front Analytics' data science expertise to drive revenue, reduce costs, and improve ROI. 

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