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What the Clients Problem Was. 

Sales representatives were held accountable to archaic metrics that didn’t provide a true measure of performance. It was impossible to know if poor agent performance was a result of agent characteristics or a result of poor lead quality. As a result, agents were often held accountable for 

converting sales opportunities that weren’t actually valid opportunities. This created friction when trying to coach and mentor sales representatives because managers lacked visibility into what agents were specifically struggling with.

How We Solved It.

Leveraging data science and armed with customer data, Front Analytics first explored available data for additional dimensions to provide more specific insight into agent performance. Specifically, Front Analytics looked to standardize metrics across time so they weren’t biased towards agents who worked more hours and to identify data that indicated sales lead quality and likelihood of success. As key data points were identified, Front Analytics provided a suggested set of improved agent KPIs that considered not only agent aggregate performance but lead quality as well. Company business owners worked closely with Front Analytics to determine which KPIs would be most meaningful and impactful to business bottom line.

Selected KPIs were further studied to determine their validity and potential impact. As the new metrics matured, Front Analytics worked to carefully consider all edge case scenarios to determine if there were instances where the new metrics failed to appropriately capture agent performance. As edge cases were identified, solutions were put in place to address them. Finally, Front Analytics helped move new, polished metrics from development into production while working hand in hand with internal DBAs and developers to ensure full business understanding and ownership of the new metrics. Once in production, Front Analytics assisted in the QA process and provided extended support for questions surrounding the metrics.


The final metrics were integrated into company reporting tools used by agent managers to coach and lead sales agents. This resulted in increased coaching opportunities and visibility into agent performance. It also allowed the sales organization to identify when performance lulls were due to poor lead quality as opposed to poor agent performance. This in turn boosted agent moral since there was no longer an expectation to sell through poor opportunities.