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What the Clients Problem Was. 

Most modern companies collect data, and lots of it. However, sometimes that data isn’t properly set up to play nicely together. Missing keys and other details, data corruption, and poor database design often make it difficult to combine separate data sources, especially if they belong to different business owners.

This disconnect can often lead to business blind spots and frustration. In these cases, businesses often recognize the potential ROI of data assets, they are just unsure how to fully unlock it. In these instances, data assets can seem like a mirage: an enticing vision on a distant horizon always just barely out of reach.

How We Solved It.

Front Analytics provides unique and proven solutions to such data challenges. In one instance we worked with a Fortune 500 company that had an exceptionally low match (< 50%) rate between call log data and sales product data due to dropped keys . Leveraging features like timestamp and phone number Front Analytics was able to increase that match rate to > 90% using custom logic.

Once the correct join logic had been identified, Front Analytics worked with client resources to implement the logic internally and publicize the improved data assets.


This solution provided the client with drastically improved visibility into day to day sales operations, especially at the call center level. The end result was a much more reliable and robust dataset used for exploring and analyzing business performance. This work was the foundation for Front Analytics’ later work with the same company developing improved sales KPIs.