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The Challenge 

This custom packaging supply company provides custom packaging to a wide variety of customers, from large box store chains to small specialty manufacturers. The company frequently experienced unexpected swings in orders and delivery timing.

This created idle production time, or engagement of expensive outside manufacturers to handle the emergency capacity. Raw material and finished goods over/under supply and sub-optimized shipping.were also associated ongoing costly issues. 

The Solution

Front Analytics initiated a project that analyzed multiple data sets using advanced data science techniques to identify sources of inefficient order and delivery patterns, and their impact on production, inventory, and shipping costs. Optimum order sizes and timing were derived and systems designed and built to track and manage them optimally.

The Results

Armed with this data, the company worked with targeted customers to adjust order sizes and timing that improved costs and delivery for both parties.

Within the first six months, the company realized a $425k reduction in production machine utilization cost and $300k savings in shipping costs due to improved inventory control.

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