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Front analytics is completely agnostic regarding all platforms. We utilize the technology that will work best with your current setup, or what will work best for the project at hand. Our goal is to provide a long term scalable solution for our clients no matter how big the task.

Data Science is Broad and Diverse.

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Data Discovery

We work with you and your team to discover the data sources, technology, and processes.

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Data Engineering

We move data. You might need batch or streaming but we help you get it to where it needs to be.

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Machine Learning

We use advanced algorithms to draw additional coorelations and insights from the data.

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We use data visualization to tell the story and communicate insights which in turn drives action.


3 Phase Execution

We utilize a three phase process for most of our data science projects. This ensures we are able to delivery the end product with the confidence and quality expected not only for the end client, but also for ourselves. The process typically is as follows:
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Phase 1: Discovery

The discovery process is vital to a successful end project. This involves digging into the data sources, technology stack, and developing the initial foundation for future work.

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Phase 2: Build

The build phase, is exactly what it sounds like. Executing upon the findings in the discovery, setting up data pipelines, dashboard creation, machine learning implementation and more.

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Phase 3: Deploy

The deploy phase is when we hand over the reins. We ensure you and your team are satisfied and understand everything that was found in the discovery and build phase, along with ensuring the data is 100% accurate for consumption.

Talk to our experts

Our in house team of project managers and data scientists are here for you anytime you need to discuss your data science project. We utilize agile project management methodologies to ensure we stay on track and provide our clients the value they deserve. Contact us today with any questions or to schedule a meeting to discuss your next project needs!