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Don't fall behind the times

Learn how to build SkyNet...

Our current study group is covering the new and exciting field of deep/machine learning and provides attendees a hands on practical approach to understanding the basics while having some fun. 

Front Analytics takes pride in providing in house interships, doing talks, along with providing these study groups to both individuals and businesses.

Some of the past MeetUps and training sessions have covered machine learning and H2O, data driven journalism, writing legible python, executing in data science, the power of R, and many more. 

With our experienced team of in house data scientists, Front Analytics can help skyrocket your internal analytics or reporting department.

The agenda

We cover practical uses cases for deep learning in businesses in a hands on learning environment. Most of the time will be unstructured and collaborative learning with shared compute resources. Each week there will be a theme which is repeated on Saturday and the following Wed.

Requirements: Programming experience (Python preferred, R or other is okay). Your own laptop with internet access. Familiarity with the terminal and a text editor. Nice to have: Calculus and experience working with matrices.

Weekly themes:

  1. Intro to course, python, and libraries including tensorflow.
  2. Basics of neural nets and why they work.
  3. First basic neural net in tensorflow with parameter tuning, setting activation energy, etc.
  4. LSTM and Conv Net basics plus demo
  5. Writing your own classifier (probably an image classifier)
  6. Policy based learning basics with open A.I.
  7. Create your own projects (Open A.I. universe, or other business objective)
  8. Demo projects

Want to learn more?

  • Dates: Every Saturday 10AM-12PM and Wednesday 6PM-8PM
  • Location: Front Analytics Office, 10 W. Broadway (7th Floor of the Clift Building), SLC 84101
  • Pricing: $300/Month with first session free to try
  • Fill out the form on the right or give us a call at 801-716-8101 with any other questions!